July 2014 Pension Update

The monthly pension board meeting was held on July 16, 2014. Our system continues to perform strongly. The system as of June 30th was at just over a 2.2 billion dollar total portfolio!

During this meeting the yearly return for the year ending June 30 was certified at 14.99 % net of fees.  This means the Drop Back and Plan B return for the fiscal year ending June 30th will amount to 12.99% for the year.

Currently the mix of markets the system is diversified in is approximated below:

65.5% Global Equities

27% Global Fixed Income funds

6% Global Real Estate Assets

1.5% cash equivalents

Additionally, the Board was made aware of an interim study which was requested by State Senator Shaw from the Tulsa area.  This study is related to Deputy Sheriffs who have been employed by municipal agency at some period to be a part of the system.  This study can be followed by referencing Senate Interim Study S14-041.  The committee is being chaired by Senator(s) Brinkley and Brooks. Both the OPPRS Board and the FOP will be closely following this study and I’m sure will report any future developments.

Finally, I am humbled to announce during this meeting I was unanimously elected Vice Chairman of the Pension Board for the next year.

If you have questions, please contact me. If I don’t have the answer I can direct you to someone who will. As always, all meeting minutes, reports and additional information can be viewed on the OPPRS website.

Jeff Pierce
State Trustee, 
District 6
Oklahoma Police Pension & Retirement System