November 2009


 LODGE 123



 The NOVEMBER 2009 Meeting was held on the 12th


The DECEMBER 2009 Meeting will be held on10th


Drawing will be $250.00 


272 Members signed in for the November meeting. Please be sure and sign in each meeting you attend.


Drawings:   â€‹$50.00​      â€‹Cory Cooper, winner.

                 $900.00​​    Kylie Turner, not present. 

                                 Scott Whitlock, winner.



Oklahoma City Police Officers​

Killed in the Performance of Duty​​

During the Month of November


Detective Briggs Chumley â€‹                        â€‹1924​




Motion made by Sky Kays and seconded by Randy Kirby to allow Councilman Brian Walters and Consultant Kris Masterman to remain for the meeting as guests. Motion Passed unanimously.


Call to Order.


The minutes from the October meeting were accepted as mailed without objection.


Motion made by Randy Kirby and seconded by Mark Easley to accept the membership application of retiree PM Arnold. 

Motion Passed.


Motion made by Jim Gibbons and seconded by Travis Hinton to accept Adam Flowers as an Honorary member.

Motion passed.


Motion made by Ron Keef and seconded by Randy Kirby to place the donation made by Mr. Christian into the CHAPPS fund to be used for members in illness or distress. 

Motion passed.


Motion made by Sky Kays and seconded by Steve Helmer for Lodge 123 to reject the City’s latest offer in reference to settling the contract and withdrawing from the MAPS 3 campaign.

Motion passed.


Motion made by Jim Gibbons and seconded by the Executive Board to accept the recommendations of the Board of Directors on the followingitems;

1. Donate $250.00 to the OKC Crime Stoppers Organization.

2. Donate $1000.00 to member Jerrod Hubbard.

Motion passed.


The second reading of the By-Laws amendments were read by Mark Nelson.

Motion made by Mark Nelson and seconded by the By-Laws & Constitution Committee to accept the proposed constitution amendments to Article VI and Article VII. (Majority vote & Runoff elections)

Motion passed.


Executive Board election results; Sky Kays re-elected 2nd Vice President, Jennifer Aleman re-elected Treasurer, Kelly Dragus re-elected Trustee, Chris Gulikers elected Guard.


The new website at WWW.FOP123OKC.COM is up and running. Be sure to check regularly as updates are being added on a daily basis.This bulletin is also posted in the member’s only section.


Volunteers working on the “Not This MAPS” campaign will be entered into a drawing to win a

Rock River LAR-15 rifle. One drawing ticket is put into the hopper for each four hour block of work. Contact the Lodge at 236-4631 to sign up and work.


Brothers and Sisters,



Let me begin by thanking all of you that attended this month’s meeting.  Your Executive Board and I were thrilled to see the participation of our membership.  We had approximately three hundred members present.  I am also very pleased with the dedication your e-board shows month after month devoting their time to serve your interest.  On that note I would like to thank outgoing Guard Kevin Southerland for his service and welcome Chris Gulikers to the board.


As I am sure you are aware, we can not match the millions of dollars that are being spent to pass MAPS 3.  But we do have one thing they don’t.  Our success hinges on your willingness to give of your time to talk one on one with the voters.  Many of you have already pledged to participate in our organized efforts to knock doors or make phone calls.  Richard Boyd has generously donated himself full time to coordinate these efforts.

Please contact him at campaign headquarters 506-2720.  This is truly a Davy and Goliath effort.  We need all of you.  The good thing is as police officers everyday youfight for what’s right no matter how tough the battle is.


The Lodge was successful in John Blumenthal’s arbitration. We have now successfully arbitrated all of the cases we filed last year and currently have no discipline arbitrations still pending.  We will however be in arbitration over the current contract this week.  We have several grievances at the Chief’s level but none at the City Manager’s.


We have completed this year’s pre-session legislative ride-alongs.  They appear to have been a great success.  Several of the Senator’s and Representatives have asked for our input and inquired about bills we would like passed or defeated.  I believe this will continue to be a very beneficial program for us.  My thanks to those that participated.


I would be extremely remiss if I did not mention the passing of Charter Member and Chaplain Emeritus Louie Swindler.  I don’t know if I’ve ever met a finer gentleman and feel truly blessed to have been associated with him.  I have said for many years that I’ve never heard anyone say a bad word about Louie.  Brother Boyd caused me to understand why in his eulogy at Louie’s services when he said he’d never heard Louiesay a bad word about any other person.


In closing, I remind all of you that this is your FOP.  It will be what you make it.  Please get involved.






Gil Hensley, President

Lodge 123 Fraternal Order of Police