November 2015 Update

In November 2015, I attended the Oklahoma State Pension Commission meeting and the monthly pension board meeting. The Pension Commission approved a resolution stating that they opposed reduction of any dedicated contribution levels provided to any state retirement plan, as well as employer and employee contribution rates, until the affected plan is at 90% funded […]

December 2015 Update

The Police Pension Board met on December 16th. The Pension System’s financial picture is remains very good. We are over $2.2 billion dollars and still on target to be 100% funded in 2016, unless the State Legislature makes changes to our system. I have attached a resolution that the Oklahoma State Pension Commission passed at its November meeting. Unfortunately, […]

July 2016 Update

The most recent Police Pension Board meeting was held on July 20th. This meeting closed out the fiscal year.  The board certified the total fund return at -0.61% for the fiscal year ending June 30th. Our fund remains very strong in spite of the recent market volatility seen over the last several months. As many […]

August 2016 Update

The Latest OPPRS Board meeting took place on Wednesday Aug. 17th. With the most recent rise in market prices our fund balance, as of July 31st, had risen to $2.244 billion of total fund assets. In the month of July the fund enjoyed a $50 million asset increase. However, with the market volatility over the […]

October 2016 Update

The OPPRS Board met at the regular meeting on Sept. 21st. We received and reviewed the annual Auditor and Actuary reports on the state of the system. The Auditor stated there were no issues with the system and all of the numbers looked within all acceptable standards. The Actuary reported the same information and stated […]

January 2017 Update

The State Pension Board met on 01-18-17. There is a lot of information in the monthly financials and I want to share a few of those with you. These numbers are as of Dec. 31st, 2016. Our current fund balance has increase to $2.26 Billion. The one year return is 7.52%, five year is 8.30 […]

February 2017 Update

The Police Pension board met on February 15th, 2017. The fund balance is up to $2.3 Billion, a new all-time record for the system. Our 1 year return is 12.44% and our 5 year return is 8.02%. Our funding ratio was calculated last summer at 98.7%. Our retirees have not had a COLA in almost […]

September 2015 Update

The Pension Board met on September 16th, 2015. With all of the recent market volatility the system returns were down for the month, -1.36%, but the YTD was 3.55%, the one year was 10.37%, the 3 year was 8.79% & the five year was 10.03%. The system is well funded and continues to improve. We […]

November 2013 Pension Update

The Oklahoma Police Pension & Retirement System had its monthly board meeting on Oct 16th. The financials presented were as of Sept. 30th.  Our system has over $2 Billion in assets and is performing well. Our one year return, net of fees, is 11.92%. The Executive Director, other board members, and I have been attending the […]

September 2013 Pension Update

Brothers and Sisters of FOP 123, The actuary report provided factual information on the viability of the system, an estimation of when we would reach 100% funding and also answered questions on changing our current amortization structure. The point here is…our system is on target to reach 100% funding in less than ten years with […]