Officers standing and saluting memorial

Sergeant Meagan Burke

September 29, 2022

Sergeant Meagan Burke was killed in an on-duty vehicle crash on I-44 at about 12:34 am. She was traveling northbound when a southbound vehicle crossed the median and struck her vehicle head-on in the area of SW 29th Street. She was killed instantly in the collision. The driver who caused the collision was arrested and charged with first-degree manslaughter and driving under the influence of drugs. The man was released on bond and died of natural causes several days later.

Officer Kelley Chase

October 13, 2012

Kelley Chase began his career with the Oklahoma City Police Department as a member of Police Academy Recruit Class #129 on May 25, 2012.  On October 12, 2012, during the twentieth week of the police academy, Recruit Chase sustained a head injury while participating in control and defensive tactics training.  Recruit Chase was hospitalized and died the following morning. 

Sergeant Robert Douglas

September 28, 2008

Shortly after noon on July 26, 2003, Sgt. Robert Douglas was struck by a vehicle while riding his police motorcycle at the intersection of Memorial Road and MacArthur.  Sgt. Douglas was knocked from his motorcycle into the path of another vehicle, which ran over him.  Sgt. Douglas was critically injured in the crash, and after being in a coma for over five years, he finally succumbed to his injuries on September 28, 2008.

Sergeant Jonathan Dragus

October 20, 2005 

Shortly before 3:00 a.m. Sgt. Dragus attempted to make a traffic stop of a stolen motorcycle near N.W. 3rd and Meridian.  The motorcycle fled at a high rate of speed, initiating a police pursuit.  The pursuit went through northwest Oklahoma City to the intersection of N.W. Expressway and Pennsylvania.  As Sgt. Dragus approached the intersection, a truck began to enter the intersection.  Sgt. Dragus swerved and lost control of his patrol car and crashed into a tree.  Sgt. Dragus was transported to OU Medical Center where he died later that morning.  The rider of the motorcycle was later arrested.  

Officer Jeff Rominger

August 31, 2000

Officer Rominger attempted to stop a vehicle shortly before 3:00 am when the driver fled. The suspect led Officer Rominger the wrong way on Interstate 40 for only a short distance before colliding with oncoming traffic. Oklahoma Highway Patrol Trooper Matt Evans was enroute to a separate call and collided with the accident before careening into Officer Rominger’s vehicle. Both occupants of the suspect’s vehicle, Trooper Evans and Officer Rominger died in the fiery crash.

Officer Delmar Warren Tooman

September 29, 1990

Officer Tooman responded to a silent alarm at a restaurant located at 1200 S. Meridian shortly after 10:00 pm. As Tooman entered the restaurant he was ambushed and shot two times. Tooman died a short time later. As the suspect exited the rear of the business, Officer Barry Lanzner shot and wounded him. The suspect was charged with First Degree Murder, however he committed suicide in jail while awaiting trial.

Officer Richard O. Riggs

January 7, 1986

Officer Riggs and his rookie partner stopped to check a van at N.E. 36th and Interstate 35. The van matched the description of one from an armed robbery, which had just occurred nearby. As the officers approached a suspect on a payphone, shots rang out. Riggs was shot and died a short time later. The suspect fled, was arrested by Tactical team officers the following day, tried, convicted and is serving a life sentence.

Detective Gary L. Ward

February 2, 1985

Detective Ward was attempting to arrest a motel burglary suspect when a struggle broke out. As the two struggled in the hotel courtyard located at 39th and Portland, the burglar gained control of Ward’s service revolver. Ward was shot to death with his own weapon. The suspect fled the scene and was arrested several days later and sentenced to 199 years in prison.

Sergeant Terry G. Lawson

April 21, 1977

Sergeant Lawson was accidentally killed in a training exercise. As veteran officers were training rookies in felony traffic stops, “blanks” were used to increase the realism. Sergeant Lawson was shot one time at point blank range. Lawson was rushed to the hospital where he died a short time later.

Officer James D. Chamblin

April 15, 1974

Officer Chamblin and his partner John Campbell arrested three subjects inside the Tiptoe Inn located at N. E. 6th and Harrison. As Officers began escorting the trio to the patrol car, one suspect drew a pistol and shot both Officers. Chamblin was fatally wounded. The suspect, a highly sought escapee, was shot by Campbell and fled the scene. After other officers arrested the wounded escapee nearby, he recovered and was sentenced to death.

Officer Michael J. Ratikan

June 14, 1971

On June 14, 1971, Officers Ratikan and Charles Shelden conducted a traffic stop at 14th and N. Kelly. During routine questioning, the driver broke and ran. Officer Ratikan caught the driver and began struggling with him as the driver’s brother emerged from the car and fired a .25 cal automatic pistol. Ratikan was struck and died almost instantly. Shelden returned fire as the occupants fled. The suspect escaped; however he was later captured, convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment.

Officer Mark H. Zelewski

July 27, 1964

A rookie with only seven months, Officer Zelewski was riding alone when he stopped a vehicle occupied by several suspects during the early morning hours in northeast Oklahoma City. Zelewski was found lying in the street, having been shot with two weapons, including his own service revolver. The suspect was later identified, convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment.

Officer Ronny L. Haggard

March 21, 1963

Officer Haggard, a motorcycle officer, was killed instantly when his motorcycle went out of control and crashed as he was pursuing a speeder in the 7300 block of South High. The driver of the auto was never identified.

Officer Eugene H. Mills

December 11, 1954

Officer Mills and his partner responded to a disturbance call in the 3200 block of N. Shartel and became involved in a struggle with two suspects. One suspect struggled with Mill’s partner over his gun, as the weapon fired several shots. Mills was struck by one round and fatally wounded.

Detective Benjamin “Benny” F. Cravatt

July 16, 1954

Detective Cravatt and his partner were staking out a grocery store at S.E. 44th and Shields when robbers entered the store. As Cravatt entered the store he exchanged gunfire with the suspects. Cravatt was fatally wounded. Members of the holdup team were apprehended and one was sentenced to death for the Murder of Cravatt.

Officer Reese F. Galyon Jr.

December 22, 1951

Officer Galyon, a motorcycle officer, was fatally injured when he crashed in front of the State Capitol while pursuing a speeding motorist. The speeder was never identified.

Detective Webb L. Campbell

October 29, 1938

Officer Campbell and his partner answered a prowler call at N.W. 24th and Walker. While checking the residence, other officers arrived to assist. Uniformed officers were unaware Campbell was in plainclothes. As Campbell rounded the house, one of the other officers mistook him for the prowler and fired, fatally wounding Campbell.

Officer Fred B. Counts

August 22, 1938

Officer Counts died as a result of injuries sustained in an accident when his patrol car collided with a fire truck at N.E. 10th and Durland. Both units were responding to a fire.

Captain Frank Cissne

April 5, 1937

Captain Cissne was involved in a traffic accident on April 1, 1937, at N.W. 4th and Broadway. Cissne suffered broken ribs and was hospitalized until he succumbed to pneumonia four days later.

Officer Ray S. Clark

May 23, 1936

Officer Clark was enroute to investigate a traffic accident where a small boy had been killed. Clark was killed when the scout car he was riding in skidded out of control and struck a telephone pole on the east end of the rain slickened Exchange bridge.

Officer Elmer L. Sartor

August 20, 1934

Officer Sartor died from injuries sustained in a vehicle accident near Ponca City, OK. Sartor, a motorcycle officer, was escorting Postmaster James H. Farley to Wichita, Kansas when the accident occurred.

Officer Douglas W. Gates

December 3, 1933

Officer Gates and his partner Webb Campbell gave chase to a stolen automobile. The suspect wrecked the car at N.W. 23rd and Robinson. When Gates approached the car, the suspect shot him twice. Gates died several hours later. The suspect was convicted of Murder and received the death penalty.

Officer John H. Beasley

May 22, 1933

On May 18, 1933, Beasley responded to a drunk in the alley at Fourth and Hudson. The drunk was searched and a pistol found. The drunken man then threatened to blow up officers by pushing the switch on the box strapped to his body if the pistol was taken from him. The box contained 24 sticks of dynamite. Beasley was in the back seat of a police car with the suspect when they began struggling and Beasley was shot twice. Other officers then shot and killed the man. The dynamite was taken to an oil lease and detonated. Beasley died four days later on May 22, 1933.

Officer Charles C. York

February 8, 1933

Officer Charles York was shot and killed as he and his partner, ex-Chief M. C. Binion, attempted to arrest a subject on bogus check charges in a rooming house at Number 6 South Geary. The subject fired three shots, one of which struck York in the chest. Binion returned fire killing the suspect.

Officer John D. “Jack” Gates

March 22, 1930

Officer J. D. Gates was in a grocery store at 1412 N. Robinson when two armed robbers entered. Gates was shot to death as he attempted to stop the robbery. The two suspects were captured several days later and sentenced to life in prison.

Officer Isaac “IKE” D. Ashburn

July 23, 1928

Officer Ashburn joined the Police Department in 1897. Ashburn was directing traffic on July 20, 1928, when he was struck by a car at Broadway and Grand (now Sheridan). Ashburn died several days later as a result of his injuries. The motorist was convicted of manslaughter.

Detective Briggs Chumley

November 3, 1924

Detectives Chumley and Miller confronted a suspect at Fourth and Olie just minutes after a robbery. Detectives searched the suspect and after finding no weapon, the detectives holstered their weapons. The suspect then pulled a gun from inside his coveralls and shot both detectives, killing Chumley. The suspect escaped the scene, was later captured and sentenced to life imprisonment.

Officer Jesse H. Sosbee

December 1, 1922

Officer Sosbee and his partner Clarence Hurt were ambushed in the 400 block of East Grand (now Sheridan). Sosbee was shot and died the next day. Two men were arrested, convicted and sentenced to five and seven years in prison. When moved to the State Prison, both had to be dressed in women’s clothing to disguise them from the angry mob wanting to lynch the men.

Officer W. F. Byrd

August 2, 1919

Officer Byrd, who was a trooper in Mayor Walton’s Mounted Police Unit, responded to gunshots from the rear of 509 N. Rhode Island. As Byrd rounded the corner of the house he was shot in the chest and mortally wounded. Byrd returned fire. The suspect was found just feet from the officer and died the next day from wounds sustained in the gunfight with Byrd.

Officer Morris R. Reagan

February 25, 1910

With only three months experience, Reagan was walking his beat in the 1000 block of N. Broadway when citizens reported hearing a single gunshot around 1:00 am. Responding officers found Reagan shot to death on the sidewalk, his pistol still holstered. Responding officers apprehended a suspect running south from the scene.

Chief G. W. Jackson

April 12, 1898

Chief Jackson was serving as the “Night Chief of Police” when he responded to a brawl at a rooming house on West Second Street. While trying to stop the fight, the half drunk men started shooting. Jackson was shot and died two weeks later. A subject was arrested and served time for the killing. It was reported that citizens lined the streets of the procession to Fairlawn Cemetery.

Chief Milton Jones

June 30, 1895

Chief Milton Jones was shot to death during a jailbreak by “three notorious outlaws” after pistols were smuggled into the jail which the trio used to overpower the jailer. Once outside a disturbance over commandeering a wagon brought Chief Milton Jones and a gun battle erupted. Chief Jones was shot to death while other policemen and citizens returned fire.  One of the suspects was killed while the other two suspects escaped.  They were never brought to justice.

City Marshall John S. Howard

June 14, 1889

One day after John S. Howard was appointed the City Marshal of South Oklahoma [City], he was confronted by his predecessor who was in a drunken rage, angered by his dismissal. A gunfight ensued in the 100 block of West Reno and the previous Marshal fatally wounded Marshal Howard.